Core Values


In our technology and processes


Hemp fiber that is a much higher quality than cotton


As a company, as a product, as a supply chain partner


Hemp continues to be the original fabric of America since the 1600s


Hemp helps preserve and save our planet. Period.


Our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is multifaceted and one that continues to evolve with our company.

Through our practices in this area, we demonstrate that we are a sustainable, trustworthy, responsible, and ethical company, partner, and employer. At our core, is our continued focus on our ESG commitments, Code of Conduct, traceability practices, and our company's core values of innovation, quality, trust, heritage, and sustainability.

Our mission guides how we do business and it details the behaviors that each of our partners are expected to model. Through adherence, we demonstrate to our clients, farming partners, shareholders, and communities that we do business in a way that supports and furthers our shared values.


BastCore Ancient Forest Friendly and Next Generation Solution Policy

BastCore Canopy Next Gen Solution Provider Policy pg1_sheet
BastCore Canopy Next Gen Solution Provider Policy pg2_sheet
BastCore Canopy Next Gen Solution Provider Policy pg3_sheet
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