To make hemp wearable and usable.

Since 2014, BastCore has been a technological pioneer in the American hemp processing industry. The company has been consistently innovating, tailoring, and perfecting the creation of premier hemp products from the bast and hurd (wood) and expanding the use-cases for the full hemp plant - sustainable use cases that benefit producers and manufacturers in construction, as well as textile (woven, and non-woven) industries.

BastCore, an innovator in the technological advancements of hemp processing, invites you to experience what American HEMP can do for you.

Hemp Products

Hemp is naturally antibacterial, organic, eco-friendly and can help save the planet.

BastCore’s American Hemp Cultivation provides companies with four unique and durable products:


Textile grade fiber


Composite grade bast fiber


Chipped core wood


Micronized core wood
Hemp Resources

Hemp: The Fabric of America is:

More Environmentally-Friendly

More Durable than Cotton

More Versatile as a Textile Fabric

More Water Saved & Recycled

Better for our Land & Prevents Soil Depletion

Is Traceable From Seed to Market

What Are People Saying?

BastCore’s connection to our broader fiber system will create opportunity for larger retailers looking to make inventive blends of hemp and Climate Beneficial Wool. They will also offer small fiber mills the potential to create farm yarns that combine the beauty of protein fibers and cellulose fibers all grown within the same region.

- A New Breed of Fiber Mill: BastCore Hemp Processing | Nov. 2017


Maddy Bartsch

Fibershed Reporter
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