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BastCore offers its customers the adoption of sustainable practices that contribute positively to society and the environment. While providing transparency and traceability through the use of BastCore's utilization of Green Chemistry in their Processes.

Textile Grade Fiber

Oilfield Fluid Additive

Injection Molding Pellets

Composite Grade Fiber

Animal Bedding and Green Building Materials

Nonwoven Industries

Non-woven fabrics made from high-quality,100% natural industrial hemp without chemical compounds and with minimal waste are continuing to drive innovation across industries. Below are just a few of the industries where nonwoven materials have made a big impact on raising quality and lowering cost:

  • Apparel
  • Automotive / Transportation
  • Consumer Products
  • Electronics
  • Filtration
  • Furnishings / Bedding
  • Geotextiles / Construction
  • Hygiene
  • Medical / Healthcare
  • Packaging
  • Wipes

What Are People Saying?

BastCore’s connection to our broader fiber system will create opportunity for larger retailers looking to make inventive blends of hemp and Climate Beneficial Wool. They will also offer small fiber mills the potential to create farm yarns that combine the beauty of protein fibers and cellulose fibers all grown within the same region.

- A New Breed of Fiber Mill: BastCore Hemp Processing | Nov. 2017


Maddy Bartsch

Fibershed Reporter
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