Accelerating The Conversion of Hemp From a Plant to a Product

The driving force behind BastCore’s patented technology is the outlook that what we do is and will continue to make American-grown hemp a more sustainable, healthy and multifunctional product.

More Effective Hemp Processing

Bastcore has developed two technologies: decortication and wet processing/degumming.


The process of separating the outer bast fiber from the inner core wood of the plant stalks to produce uniform chipping of the core wood into 1/4 inch flakes. We use “scutching”, when stalks are passed through a series of rollers to break apart the hemp fibers. During this step, the woody core is pushed out and separated from the pliable fibers. These techniques are not as harsh on the stalks and allow processors to use the fibers on already fabricated cotton and wool processing machinery.


The process that transforms coarse raw bast fiber into soft white cotton-like fiber for textile applications. This technology removes the non-cellulosic components, lignin, and sugars, commonly referred to as gums, that bind the cellulosic bast fiber together in the bark of the hemp stalk.

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