BastCore Farming Partnership Program


Farming Partnership Program

The BastCore Farming Partnership Program is more than a forward looking contract, it’s a commitment to a long term strategic relationship. It’s also a commitment to producing sustainable raw materials at scale and making a contribution to solving the U.S. emission rate. At BastCore, we are committed to our farming partners success and view this relationship as much more than a transaction.

At a high level, we want our partners to be successful so we take a methodical approach to relationship building, education on best growing practices, education on processing and suitability for end use cases and product applications in the textiles and green building materials and constructions markets. Additionally, we believe in open dialogue. As such, we are always looking for feedback on how we can improve this program. We have historical data on genetics, planting date, cut date, retting period and bale date that we want to share in addition to best growing practices.


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